tDCS Anodal tDCS increases bilateral corticospinal excitability irrespective of hemispheric dominance

Simin Rahman MS, Ummatul Siddique MS, Ashlyn Frazer Ph.D., Alan Pearce Ph.D., Dawson Kidgell Ph.D.

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An Accurate Measure of Reaction Time can Provide Objective Metrics of Concussion

Mark Tommerdahl, Eric Francisco, Jameson Holden, Rachel Lensch, Anna Tommerdahl, Bryan Kirsch, Robert Dennis, Oleg Favorov


Determining the Corticospinal and Neuromuscular Responses Following a Warm-Up Protocol

Rhys Painter MHP(Sport), Alan Pearce Ph.D., Mohamad Rostami MS, Ashlyn Frazer Ph.D., Dawson Kidgell Ph.D.

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Visual vs. Tactile Reaction Testing Demonstrates Problems with Online Cognitive Testing

Jeehyun Kim, Eric Francisco, Jameson Holden, Rachel Lensch, Bryan Kirsch, Robert Dennis, Mark Tommerdahl

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Case Studies

Reversal of Renal Insufficiency in an Aging Cat: A 5-year Multi-Crossover Case Study

Robert Dennis Ph.D., John Dennis M.S.